Be Plucky Podcast

Generalists vs. Specialists with Mridula Jayaraman

Episode Summary

Mridula Jayaraman (she/her), Engineering Manager at Honeycomb, mentors us on choices within career paths, the benefits of focusing (or not), past experiences and why we might need permission to change our minds.

Episode Notes

MJ is an Engineering Manager for the API and Partnerships team at Honeycomb. MJ's team works on exposing APIs and integrating Honeycomb capabilities with the broader software ecosystem to allow users to take advantage of Observability from anywhere!

Before Honeycomb, MJ spent 12 years as a consultant, developer, and leader at companies like ThoughtWorks and Apple. Outside work, she enjoys long walks listening to an audiobook or podcast (current phase - true crime or cults). She also loves legos an lazy weekends and binge-watching television shows.

We cover a lot, including:

Connect with MJ on LinkedIn and read more about Honeycomb here.

And finally...

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